Is Addiction to Technology The Cause of Disaster?
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Is Addiction to Technology The Cause of Disaster?

People have already made many kinds of machines. Many technologies, many discoveries have been made in this human civilization. Through these so many discoveries, technologies,  human civilization get a unique identity in the world. People learn how to survive in adverse conditions of nature. With the help of these technologies, people have a lot of control over nature. The history of this human conquest is not very long. The human race did not come to this world long ago. Many creatures were much more powerful, faster, and bigger than us, the races that are just history today. If today we humans are ruling the world, it is only for our human brain that can think, act creatively and solve problems. This is what sets us apart from other animals, This is why we are superior to other creatures. Technology is one of the best creative creations of our brain.

The Bad Effects of Technology in Our Life

 We know that technology contributes a lot to our current world. It makes our human life easier as well as saves our precious time. Despite all these contributions, its bad effects are not less. An overview of the negative impacts of Technologies in our life, such as:

Health Problems, “Health is wealth” but By the blessing of mobile devices and Social media, we are suffering from many psychological and social problems which lead us to an unproductive and unhealthy lifestyle. Besides all these, It is also the reason for strained eyes and a barrier to concentration and, cause for depression. Excessive use of technology is also the reason for bad Relationships, Radiation, Reduction of Sleep, production of high CFC gases which are increasing global warming. And we’ve seen in World War II how horrible it can be the misuse of the technology of Arms, Atoms bombs.

More importantly, parents who are addicted to mobile technology and social media do not give their children enough time. As a result, the mental, social and emotional development of our next generation does not smile properly. Which is not good news for us at all.

The discovery of all technology in human civilization is all for our benefit, to make our work easier. Although many times these technologies are in the hands of bad people and have been used in destructive activities. And for all this, any human is responsible, not any machine or technology. Only proper use of technology can bring us welfare.

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