How will be the Effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Human Civilization?
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How will be the Effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Human Civilization?

Digital life increases a person’s abilities and disrupts long-term human activities. Now, code-driven and automatic systems have spread to more than half of the world’s population. Today’s technology has a big impact on our daily life, In each sector, Health, Education, Science, business, social connectivity. We can face unprecedented opportunities or unprecedented risk factors because of Artificial Intelligence. many pioneers of technology innovative says, as the emerging algorithm-based intelligence of artificial intelligence continues to spread, Human life is also impacted by this. Although artificial intelligence is not yet fully developed, research is still underway on how it will affect our human civilization. Will we feel better than we do today? Or will AI be an actual threat to human civilization? Throughout today’s article, we will try to find an answer to these questions.

Many innovators, software developers, data scientists, activists, tech experts, policymakers, researchers answered these questions at different points of views.

Experts predicted that artificial intelligence connected to the network will improve human efficiency, but will also jeopardize human independence, agency, and ability. They talked about the vast possibilities; that computers can resemble or even surpass human intelligence and abilities in tasks such as making complex decisions, complex analysis, learning, reasoning and speech recognition, pattern recognition, visual acuity, and language translation. The AI may create automatic systems in vehicles, computers, houses, farms, and businesses. The systems of AI would save money, times, and lives, as well as give humans an easier life.

Many experts express their positive comments on healthcare and the many potentials uses of AI to diagnose and treat patients or to help older people live better and healthier lives. They were also excited about the role of AI in contributing to broad public health programs based on the huge amount of information that can be obtained in the coming years, from the personal genome to nutrition. 

However, most experts, hopeful or not, expressed concern about the long-term impact of AI and its new tools or technologies on human nature. Many shared deep concerns and many suggested solutions. They described both the threats

and opportunities of AI. What will be the effect of artificial intelligence in our human life? What is your opinion on this?

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