How Technology Changing The Face of Education in India
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How Technology Changing The Face of Education in India

In the past few years, a major change has been observed in the field of education. With the advancement of technology, the education sector changed the way of managing institutes, students, parents, teachers, and management. Technology changing the face of education with school ERP systems, online learning tools, school management software, etc. that completely breaks through the formal education system. 

What Major Changes Witnessed in the Education Field?

At present, the education system is totally redefined and numerous changes are observed in the modern education system with the progress in technology. It includes the way children are taught and the way of interaction between students, teachers, or parents is completely changed. Technology makes education easier as online classes fill the gap between regular and distance education. Countless educational blogs, apps, and websites helping students as well as teachers on research and learning completely changed the definition of the traditional education system. 

Now we are going to understand the negative as well as positive effect of technology on education system.

Know the Positive Side of Technology Changing the Face of Education

In this digital education system, students are learning and getting crystal clear knowledge. As online courses are increasing on the web, student’s access to required educational topics and knowledge is also increasing as well. 

In today’s online education era, people can do online courses and certify from any college around the world. With the vast knowledge of technology and the internet, students are getting a wide scope of learning by clarifying their doubts remotely.

Due to the advancement of technology in education system, traditional boring classrooms are replaced by interesting video lessons and teachers are collaborating to learn the best ways of learning and teaching from one another. 

Also, Know the Negative Effect of Technology on Education

At present, children have a lot of ways to learn and a lot of things to do that create confusion, stress, and unnecessary pressure. People are getting knowledge from any available ready-made sources instead of reading standard books written by experts. Online learning and teaching methods distancing discipline in students. Modern technology introduced virtual communication ways to interact which leads to the generation of social phobia. 

Different Ways Technology Transformed Education System

Modern technology changing the face of education system in different ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • 1. The education system has become more effective with virtual reality technology.
  • 2. Math scores of students improved after using iPads in the classrooms.
  • 3. Toppers and extraordinary students easily access the next level of education.
  • 4. Educators are using personalized learning programs to know more about particular topics and lessons to increase knowledge.
  • 5. One can learn anywhere at any time, whatever the subject he wants to learn.
  • 6. Technology in education made schooling accessible for underprivileged children.
  • 7. Now, language barrier is not a problem anymore. One can learn and get an education in any language on the web.
  • 8. Modern educational technology makes education easier, cheaper and accessible for all. 
  • Conclusion

    Modern advanced technology changing the face of education and revolutionized the education system. It improves the accessibility and efficiency of learning. But still, India has to go a long way to improve the literacy level by introducing modern technologies in every corner of the country.

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