Explore Trendy Layouts for Your Insta Feed & Stories
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Explore Trendy Layouts for Your Insta Feed & Stories

To attract the attention of the audience, the world of social media is getting more and more creative, especially fully visual social media channels like Instagram. In this blog, we will discuss cool and trendy layouts for your Insta feed & stories. Read this amazing blog till the end, it will help you to keep your audience interested in your Instagram profile.

The block structure of the business or personal pages of Instagram allows users to make their profile beautiful and unique using creative ideas. Available attractive Instagram layouts make the user’s profiles more consistent and prettier. Following a particular Instagram layout makes your name easily recognizable in feed and stories. In this way, your profile can be highlighted among millions of Instagram user’s profiles.

Now, we are going to suggest several Instagram trends to present visual content in your profile. Now let’s start with awesome ideas regarding effective Instagram layouts for feed and stories. 

Layout with Horizontal Tiles

Horizontal tiles layout is a widely known and effective Instagram layout that shows instant results when you start applying it to your Instagram feed. Matching visual content blocks 3 by 3 is the basic principle of horizontal tiles layout.

For this, one needs to publish 3 posts one by one at a time that prevent your layout from breaking. Following this layout is easy and effective but the hardest part of it would be the planning for the post. There are two options that you can follow:

You can match three posts like a puzzle that creates a full image horizontally, or You can match and post horizontal images that have similarities in their style, theme, and colors but they should be differentiated from at the top and the bottom rows.

Layout with Vertical Tiles

In the world of Instagram, we have the latest trends for horizontal layout and also have a vertical layout style. Unlike horizontal layout, the vertical layout takes more time to show off, so it requires more devotion and persistence.

For vertical tiles layout, you have to follow the principle that is – match the content by column. It means the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or other posts of one row should match the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or other posts of other rows. The result will show you beautifully created columns that attract visitors to your profile.

3×3 Layout

3×3 is the most popular and attractive Instagram layout. In this layout, instead of posting a single picture as a post, users break down the picture into equal small squares and post them as a series of posts such as if there are 9 images (can adjust as 3 rows x 3 images in each row). The result will show as the large-scaled image on nine visual blocks.

The principle of a 3 x 3 layout is like – Each post in the series looks like a smaller part of the large image. Individual images of the series make the user more curious to see other images lead to the full image. For this, they click on your Instagram profile and your layout will get you more profile views.

Puzzle Layout

In this layout, ‘Puzzle’ suggests that each post is visually connected to other surrounding posts. They together create a bigger image which usually makes a collage of such images.

Unlike the 3 x 3 layout, in this puzzle layout, images individually make a perfect sense, as well.

Thus, each post of this style contains visual accents, hashtags, descriptions, etc. To create a puzzle layout, the composition of each image in the post goes beyond the edges.

Checkerboard Layout

Checkerboard layout for Instagram feed & stories is easy to achieve and its diversified content will surprise your audience. Principle of checkerboard layout is all about alternating two posts that are visually contrasting and consistent in style. The result resembles the checkerboard with darker or lighter squares. 

To Wrap Up

Instagram has numerous unique ways to arrange visual content. It leads people to a field of creativity that helps them in making their Insta profile different from the rest. In this write-up, we have discussed the trendiest Instagram feed and stories layout arrangements. Yes, you can use them to make your Insta profile as a basis to come up with a new one. It will also help you in developing your vision of how a modern and attractive Instagram profile should look like.

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