Best employee monitoring software in India that helps to monitor your employees remotely.
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Best employee monitoring software in India that helps to monitor your employees remotely.

Employee monitoring software is the best way to improve employee productivity

Discover the benefits of employee monitoring software. Track your employees’ productivity with the best employee monitoring software in India.

With our employee monitoring software, employees get real-time alerts on time tracking and activity levels, providing a constant source of motivation for them to stay on track. Our simple desktop app makes it easy for employees to click a button when switching tasks. In addition, with screenshots and accurate time tracking you can see exactly how your team is progressing.

Struggling to keep your virtual teams productive at home? DeskTrack helps you track the time spent by your employees on web, Software & apps activities, employee monitoring software work from home efficiency, and remote team productivity at a glance.

Confused about ways to carry out a monitoring system? Can’t help thinking about how it will be useful? Concerned whether it will be an invasion of employee security? We have answers to every one of the possible questions you might have!

Got a Query? We’ve Got The Answers!

1. Employee monitoring- Is it a lawful practice?

Yes! Most state and government laws permit employers to screen their employees. As a matter of fact, employers are permitted to screen anything that comes in and goes out of their organization and devices. The business has every one of the rights to ensure that their employees are using the web just for business-related purposes during paid working hours.

2. How does the screen-catching office work? Could employees realize their screens are being recorded?

Employee monitoring technology focuses on going past the center time following methods, the board of workloads, and schedules. It helps employers to catch their colleagues’ PC screens indiscriminately at time intervals. They can oversee and check the productivity levels of their employees. Thus, clearly, this approach to monitoring all employees similarly is not a discriminatory strategy. FlowTrack’s desktop version allows employees to see their screenshots, as a matter of fact. To find out about Flowtrack’s screen-catching office, go here.

3. Can an employee monitoring software track time on different screens?

Yes. Some of the best employee monitoring software like Flowtrack can easily make it happen. It tracks time on various screens and takes screenshots from the essential desktop. FlowTrack deploys a specialist to get the screenshots of the remote desktop. Flowtrack’s employee monitoring capabilities are not restricted to action monitoring alone. It collects information and offers significant insights. With Flowtrack, employers can follow employee execution insights, finance, and considerably more. To know more, click here.

4. What are the points to deal with while choosing an employee monitoring software?

Regardless of whether you have 10 or 10,000 devices, you should always design ahead of time and be future-prepared. Consequently, while choosing an employee monitoring software, always ensure that it has the ability to scale up when the need arises. With Flowtrack, you can customize the application to suit your needs and track quite a few employees. To be familiar with the numerous organization models of DeskTrack, click here.

5. How might employers deal with the following information of the employees?

Employers should consider the information gathered by an employee monitoring software as strictly secret, sensitive information. It should be kept inside a secured network and stored with restricted access. The data gathered by FlowTrack is scrambled with 512-digit SSL encryption during transit. It also provides job-based approval so that the data is visible just to specific roles of an association. DeskTrack has a disconnected following element as well.

6. While selecting an employee monitoring software, what should be my need?

Selecting an employee monitoring software requires lots of research. However, there are a lot of options accessible on the lookout, always giving inclination to the accessibility of specialized support and ease of usage. Flowtrack is easy to use and customize. The number of days expected for its installation will change contingent upon the number of employees getting onboarded each day. The whole onboarding process, including preparing and correspondence, can be finished in 2 days for an organization with 200 employees. DeskTrack also offers you every minute of everyday specialized support.

Remote Employee’s Productivity

As the employees never again work under the full concentrations eyes of supervisors and group leads, managers frequently wind up puzzling over regardless of whether they are really working? How do you have any idea whether your employee is just chilling there watching a Netflix series or working dedicatedly at work? Fret not! We can take care of you! Consider the possibility that you don’t have physical supervision.


DeskTrack is the best Employee monitoring software in India for employees. As a productivity measurement software, it provides accurate and highly-detailed reports on all sorts of employee activities by detecting their desktop screenshots, keystrokes, mouse movements, and more.

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