A Brief About Computer Hardware
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A Brief About Computer Hardware

If you are interested in computer hardware and you are interested in computer technology, then this article is for you. In today’s article, I will try to give you a clear idea about computer hardware and its functionality.

Even though the computer is a device, because of some coincidence, our own (Human) basic structure and function have a lot in common characteristics with computers. To understand, you can compare a computer to a human body. For example, spiritually, we know two parts of humans, the body and the soul. We can see and touch the body but we cannot see or touch the soul, we can only feel it. The relationship between hardware and software is like our body and soul.

The physical components or elements of a computer are called Computer hardware, such as a central processing unit (CPU), case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer data storage, sound box, speaker, motherboard, and graphics card.

However, the software is the complete opposite of hardware. Software is a set of instructions or commands that the hardware can store and execute.  “Hardware” The name is hardware because it is “hard” or it is made with physical elements that are difficult to change, while the concept of the software is intellectual. It is named “Software” because it is easy(soft) to change and it has no physical existence.

Usually, software control hardware executes any kind of instruction or commands. The proper combination of software with hardware builds a strong, complete, and useful computer system.

The Vital Hardware Components of a Personal Computer System: 

Chassis: The computer chassis is also known as a computer case, cabinets, or system unit. Usually, It contains most of the vital elements of a personal computer excluding the keyboard, mouse, and display.

Monitor: Monitor displays the output data or information visually. So, we see the data as images displayed by the monitor. The monitor helps us to get any visual data.

Keyboard:  Keyboard is a set of keys that we use to input any type of symbol. It can be letters or numbers.

Mouse: The mouse is a device that helps users to command through pointing and clicking on a computer screen. It also sends control signals into the computer. We use it to move the cursor and perform any actions. 

Speaker: Through the Speaker, we can input any kind of audio data. It is an Input device that we use to input audio data. And we can communicate with each other through our voice. 

Computer data storage: Today’s data storages are HDD ( Hard Disk Drive) or SSD ( Solid State Drive). We can store our data on these computer data storage. SSD is faster than HDD.

Soundbox: Through the soundbox, we can hear any kind of audio. It is an output device that produces data through audio. 

Motherboard: It is the main electric circuit board of the PC that connects all the components. So, It is also known as the mainboard.

Processor: It is like our human brain. It process, analyze all input data, and produce results through output devices. 

Other Internal hardware: Besides these, there is much Internal hardware that builds a complete System unit, such as a Cooling fan, RAM, ROM, Graphics card Power supplier, and many other small components which play very important functions.   

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